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Assignment 4

Draw the graphs of the following linear functions:

l: y=2x+3
m: y=-x-1

and determine the intersection point of the lines.


A line can be drawn if you have two points on that line. For the first line we can take (0,3) and (\displaystyle-\frac{3}{2},0). These points can be found by taking subsequently x and y equal to 0. Similarly, for the second line we can take the points (0,-1) and (-1,-1).

In the intersection point both lines have equal y-coordinates and thus we have to solve the following equation to solve the corresponding x-value:


For this value of x we still have to calculate the corresponding y-coordinate. We do this by substituting the value of x in the equation of m. Then we get:



Thus the coordinates of the intersection point are:


This can be verified in the figure.

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