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Need help? Tutoring at tutor’s visiting address or interactive through the internet

All topics on this site are explained with many examples and exercises with solutions.
If you need help, you can seek assistance from an experienced PhD mathematician. Previously, students came to the tutor’s visiting address in Rotterdam. Often, this meant a lot of travel time.
Already before the Corona pandemia he used interactive online tutoring which has become a standard way of tutoring now. It is an excellent alternative: you can stay at home while you get the lessons via Zoom’s screen sharing. It is as if you are sitting next to the tutor. An ideal solution for students who live (far) from Rotterdam!
For more information, please call +31 6 14 23 25 07 or send an e-mail to hdeswaanarons@gmail.com. You are also invited to visit the website pinuts.nl for more information.

Many mathematical topics briefly explained with examples and solutions

This website is an important tool in preparing for mathematical tests and exams.
Get started and practice one of the many topics.

The main features of this website.

  • it covers many important topics from mathematics;
  • each topic contains a brief summary with many clear and detailed examples;
  • each subject has at least 10 and in some cases even 30 exercises ranging from easy to difficult;
  • all exercises have separate detailed solutions.
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